Spoonbill Blind Crossword Program

This is Ian Humphreys from Spoonbill Software. You can download the setup file for Blind-gamers Crossword Puzzle 1.0d by using the following link:


The Help is supplied as a separate HTML file in the Help subfolder. It can also be displayed by hitting the F 1 function key once you are running the game.

There is also a set of tutorials especially written by Eric Westbrook which provides a good grounding on how to use the program and also gives the novice an introduction to cryptic crosswords. These tutorials can be accessed by hitting Shift F 1 once you are running the game.

This is the fifteenth program in the Blind Gamers series which includes other word games such as BG Boggle, and BG Word Target, card games such as BG Hearts, BG Uno, and BG Free Cell Solitaire, logic games such as BG 15 Puzzle and BG LAP, and many more.

Visit the Spoonbill Software website to browse the complete collection at www.spoonbillsoftware.com.au/blindgamers.htm

This program requires Microsoft's Speech Application Programming Interface Text To Speech (SAPI TTS ) before it will run. If you have a screen reader installed, you probably have SAPI already. If not, you can download the setup file for SAPI TTS from the Spoonbill Software website at: http://spoonbillsoftware.com.au/links.htm. I'm afraid that this only works for Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP.

IMPORTANT: This game will work using Microsoft's SAPI voices Sam, Mike and Mary under Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP, and Anna under Windows Vista and Windows 7. It will also work with many non-Microsoft SAPI voices. But some non-Microsoft SAPI voices cause the program to crash. If this should happen to you, try switching to another voice, and as a last resort switch to Sam, Mike Mary or Anna before contacting Spoonbill Software about your problem.

BG Crossword Puzzle is an accessible Crossword Puzzle solver.  It is suitable for both blind and visually impaired players, and like all Spoonbill games in the Blind gamers series, it is self-voicing.

Before you play for the first time, I urge you to read the separate help file, to become familiar with the various keyboard keys you will need to use. Or better still, follow through the tutorials by Eric Westbrook.

Just unzip the setup file and run to install the game.

Thanks for requesting a freeware game from Spoonbill Software. I hope you enjoy playing and will tell all your friends about the site. Whether you enjoy the game or not I would certainly be interested in your comments and suggestions for possible improvements.

And if you have any ideas for other games you'd like to see in the Blind-gamers series, drop me a line and let me know. I keep a wish list, and who knows, maybe one day I'll get round to writing the game you suggest! But remember, I'm just one person who writes programs as a spare time hobby, so the games can't be too complex or time-consuming to write.

I'll keep you informed when more blind friendly games come along.
Ian Humphreys
Western Australia