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Mr Overandabove

Postby Sirius » Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:40 am

Mr Overandabove is a hero of mine. He is an absolute genius of communication and has inspired hundreds of my former Physics and Science students to persuade their parents to let them stay up late to experience the night-life of Skye as an ‘essential part of their homework’. Mike Yarwood used to do an affectionate impression caricaturing the eccentricities of a very English astronomer.

Seeking similar inspiration I phoned him up. In daylight of course.

A senior female voice sought to filter out nuisance calls or conversations with the insane. Somehow she was inclined to give the benefit of the doubt. ‘Patrick’ was just seeing out some guests. The warm and extremely polite tones reached the phone from an imagined hall of coats, umbrellas, telescopes and objective lenses.

‘Cwosswords? I am absolwlutely hopefless at cwosswords.
Ah yes! I did once get a clue. It was A something T something A.’

(Mr O clearly remembered the occasion with obvious pleasure and I had the feeling he was cleverly probing my integrity and crossword credentials.)

'Was it ‘ASTRA’ Mr Overandabove?'

‘That is quite extwordinawy! How on Earth did you get it?!’

(I imagined a monocle furiously clenched in squinting socket of one eye whilst the other travelled around the Universe above, below a brow of concentrated wrinkles, eyebrows at impossible angles. Expression incredibly serious)

‘You’re a star man Mr Moore.’

‘Oh I say. That’s fwightfully good. Anagram too of course. Look. You really must come round for tea. I would like to help
……. If I can.’

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