Thanks to: Robert W (aged 6)
who inspired the realisation of
the idea and who solved the
first little box of words.
Ruthy Buttercup for reading out
tens of thousands of clues and
for being the best of companions
in solving them.

Thanks to:
Val Gilbert (The Telegraph),
Edie Reilly (The Observer),
Hugh Stephenson (The Guardian),
Brian Greer (The Times),
Martin Simpson (The Mail),
all of whom gave encouragement
and criticism taking the trouble
to write, telephone or email.

Foreword by Araucaria for
Sirius 3D Crossword

As a crossword setter I am always trying to think of
new ideas. Inevitably the same old words crop up all
the time, and inevitably with most of the same old
clues, the same old grids. The invention of jigsaw
crosswords was one successful innovation; and here
we have another: the 3D crossword. here you have not
only across and down solutions intersecting, but a
third lot, called "away", intersecting both the others:
this gives a lot of extra help to the solver, and therefore
will make it possible to have harder - or rather let us say,
more imaginative - clues.

I say "will" because at this early stage the setter is
being kind to us. At first I expect most of us will find it
difficult to get into the third dimension - but persevere:
I believe you will find it very well worth while.


Sirius acknowledges the wonderful crosswords by Araucaria over
many years in The Guardian and his invention of the jigsaw
crossword which is extended here into three dimensions. Araucaria
has given his time freely to advise and criticise constructively. I
hope he will be rewarded by solvers here making charitable
donations and performing charitable acts.

Sirius is a former teacher of Sciences, Mathematics and Cognitive
Acceleration. He was forced to retire by loss of eyesight. He is registered partially sighted going on blind. He therefore declares an interest in nudging generous solvers to donate to RNIB and his other charities. As a former York student with severe learning and financial difficulties he seeks to encourage donations to the York Annual Fund which supports students in need.

Thanks to:
Raminder T, Hazel S, Tony A,
Neil G, Gary N, and the brilliant
Diana S for being very intelligent
'guinea pigs' in trying, testing
and commenting during the
development of these puzzles.

Thank you Janet G and Rachel B
for all the sympathy and vitality.
(And terrible cigarette smoke)

Thanks to Katy at
Thring Townsend
Lee & Pembertons
for free legal advice.

Thanks too, Martha for your
wacky crossword solving,
wonderful conversation
and for being Martha.