3D Cryptic Calendar Puzzle 2011

The BBC Children in Need Appeal
3D Crosswords World Championship 2011

The BBC Children in Need Appeal, 3D Crosswords World Championship 2011 is only available as a digital download from this site. It comprises a series of 12 three-dimensional crosswords set in the format of a calendar. Each day has a clue. Every month there is a 3D grid to complete. The 2011 World Champion will solve all twelve puzzles correctly and win a tie-break competition requiring skill and imagination.

This event is in aid of the BBC Children in Need Appeal, a registered charity no. 802052 in England and Wales and SC039557 in Scotland. (at least) £5 of the £9.99 entry fee is to be donated to the BCB Children in Need Appeal.

Our intention is that all monies received should go to BBC Children in Need Appeal.

BBC Children in Need Appeal

The Trophy

"Not a piece of cake"

This conceptual art-piece by Sirius comprises a slice of natural crystal on an engraved platter under a glass dome.

The sculpture is passed on to the new champion whilst the retiring master retains the platter.

A Superb Christmas Present

If you wish to give an entry to the 3D Crosswords World Championship to a relation or friend at Christmas, please make this clear. We will send a Christmas Card as a token of entry, for you to give the recipient. This card will contain a 3D puzzle as a 'taster' and provide amusement. There will also be a modest prize of a dictionary and a Cash's bookmark to a successful solver of this Christmas Card puzzle drawn from the hat.

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Donate to the Children in Need Appeal

The deadline for entries for the February – November competitions will be the last day of the month concerned. The final deadline for December will be Dec 15 2011.

In order to allow more time for people to join the World Championship the January competition will be held open till February 15 2011.

Solutions will be posted on the Download page. Winners will be announced on the Bulletin Board